Diablo III Items Needed For Secret Level

Black Mushroom – Act 1 Cathedral level 1 (random spawn but not rare)
Leorics Shinbone – Act 1 Leroics Manor (random spawn, make take a few tries)
Wirts Bell – Act 2 Caldeum Bazaar (Buy from squirt for 100k gold)
Liquid Rainbow – Act 2 Mysterious Cave level 1 (Random event to unlock cave, not rare)
Gibbering Gem – Act 3 Caverns of Frost level 2 (Drops from extremely rare mob Chiltara, remember the cave itself may or may not spawn, this will be the hardest item so good luck)
Plan: Herding Staff – Act 4 The Silver Spire (Kill Izual for the drop)

Afterwards just visit your blacksmith and itll costs you another 50,000 gold and then the Staff to the magical world of Whimsytown is all yours


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